Who is a Good Candidate For a Dental Bridge?

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Dental Bridge

What is a Dental Bridge?

You may be wondering why you might need to book an appointment for a dental bridge. If you’re looking for dental bridges near you, they are used to fill, or bridge, the spaces between your teeth, therefore repairing your smile as a whole.

We offer dental bridges in Spruce Grove that consist of an artificial tooth (pontic) that physically fills the gap in your mouth and is then kept in position by placing dental crowns on the teeth located on both sides of that gap (also known as abutment teeth).

The artificial tooth itself is usually made from porcelain so that it mimics the appearance of your natural teeth. However, they can also be made from ceramics or other metals like silver or gold.

There are four kinds of dental bridges. Each type is used according to the state of your teeth. The first is a traditional dental bridge, which is the most common. It consists of a fake tooth and two or more crowns. The second is the cantilever dental bridge. Instead of placing crowns on both sides of the fake tooth, a crown is only placed on one side.

Next are the Maryland dental bridge and the implant support bridge. The former is often used when an individual is missing front-facing teeth. It’s made of a combination of porcelain and either ceramic or metal teeth. Implant support dental bridges are similar to a traditional dental bridge, but instead of an artificial tooth being held in place by crowns, titanium implants are directly inserted into the jawbone instead.

Reasons for Getting a Dental Bridge from a Dentist in Spruce Grove

So, are dental bridges good or bad?

It all depends on the state of your teeth, whether your oral health is in good standing, and whether your dentist deems this procedure to be necessary. In order for dental bridges to be placed correctly, you may need to attend a few different appointments.

Once a dentist near you has performed an initial evaluation and has taken impressions, which is necessary so that your bridge fits your mouth perfectly, you’ll receive a temporary bridge while you wait.

You’ll then receive a permanent dental bridge during your follow-up visit.

With any dental procedure, be it fillings, dental bridges, dental implants, or root canal therapy, always be sure to follow the instructions given to you by your dentist. Also, remember to brush and floss after every meal. If you prioritize your oral health, your dental bridges will indeed last a long time.

Do you have further questions about receiving dental bridges near you? Contact us at Queen Street Dental in Spruce Grove today. Our team looks forward to working with you on your journey towards restoring your teeth and your smile!