Root Canal Therapy in Spruce Grove

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Thanks to the portrayal of root canals in the media, many people get anxious when they find out that they may require one. Luckily, the reality is that root canal therapy is a painless and important form of dental treatment that works to eliminate infected tissue from the teeth and prevent them from requiring extraction. At Queen Street Dental, we offer root canal therapy in Spruce Grove.

Root Canal Therapy in Spruce Grove

What Does Root Canal Therapy Entail?

To understand how root canal therapy works, you must first understand how a tooth is structured. The human tooth has several layers. The outermost layer is called the enamel, which is the hard surface of the tooth that works to keep out bacteria. When the enamel begins to deteriorate, bacteria can make their way through the second layer of the tooth, referred to as the dentin, and into the tooth’s center, called the pulp. The pulp contains all the essential nerves and blood vessels that deliver nutrients to the tooth.

When the infection reaches the center of the tooth, the tooth becomes compromised because it can no longer get the nutrients it needs to remain healthy. If the infection is not identified and removed, the tooth will need to be extracted. This is where root canal therapy comes in: working to remove the damaged or infected pulp and preventing the need for extraction.

What to Expect During Root Canal Therapy

When you arrive at Queen Street Dental for root canal therapy in Spruce Grove, the procedure will begin with our dentist numbing the affected area to ensure that you do not experience any pain during treatment. Next, they will drill a small access hole into your tooth to detect and remove the infected pulp. Finally, they will reshape and disinfect the area before sealing it with a temporary filling.

You will need to return to our dental clinic after healing to have your temporary filling removed and replaced with a custom-designed dental crown. The crown will provide support and strength to the tooth and protect it from future damage and infection.

Recovering From Root Canal Therapy

It is not uncommon to feel some slight discomfort for the first couple of days following your procedure. However, most people experience significant pain relief after undergoing root canal therapy because the infected tissue has been eliminated.

Any pain that you experience following your procedure can be alleviated with over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen. You should be entirely healed after about ten days.

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