Dental Specialities in Spruce Grove

Dental Specialities Near You

Every medical profession comes with specialties, and dentistry is no exception. At Queen Street Dental, we are happy to have a team of dental specialists who can enhance your overall health and treat any oral health issue that you may be dealing with. No matter what your condition, you can rest assured that our specialists have the right treatment plan for you.

Dental Specialities in Spruce Grove

Cold Sore Treatment

Cold sores, also called fever blisters, are groups of small blisters that appear around the mouth. They can be spread through kissing and saliva. At Queen Street Dental, we provide our patients with treatment options to alleviate their symptoms and enhance their appearance.

Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease happens when bacteria build up along the gum line and cause infection and recession. There are many stages of gum disease, and when caught early, gum disease is almost entirely reversible. Depending on the severity of your condition, there are several options for gum disease treatment in Spruce Grove. Our team is happy to offer gum disease treatment near you.

Children’s Dentistry

It is important to monitor your child’s oral health and development as they grow into adults. Pediatric dentists specialize in preventative dental care for young patients. Our children’s dentistry specialists at Queen Street Dental are happy to educate you and your children about the significance of oral healthcare.

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