Dental Guards and Appliances in Spruce Grove

Dental Guards and Appliances Near You

Dental guards and appliances are custom-designed devices that can help patients maintain excellent oral health anywhere at any time. Although over-the-counter options are available, made-to-measure oral devices offer more comfortable, durable, and effective means of protecting oral health and ensuring healthy smiles.

Dental Guards and Appiance in Spruce Grove

Night Guards

Clenching and grinding during the night can cause many oral and overall health problems, including damage to your teeth and jaw joints. It may also prevent you from getting the good night’s rest that you need. If you believe that you may be suffering from nighttime clenching and grinding, you may benefit from custom-made night guards in Spruce Grove.

Sports Mouth Guards

While sports help individuals achieve better overall health, they can be hard on your mouth. Having protection is vital, especially if you participate in high-contact or high-risk sports, such as football, hockey, skiing, or boxing. At Queen Street Dental, we provide our patients with custom-made sports guards so they can continue to play the sports they love without fear of injury to their teeth.

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