How to avoid bad breath with dentures

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Bad Breath With Dentrues

Patients who wear dentures may notice that over time they start to emit a strong smell, which is why caring for your dentures is so important. Taking proper care of dentures is a big commitment, and patients should treat them as they would their natural teeth. Dentures need to be cleaned regularly to ensure no bacteria accumulate on their surface and cause bad-smelling yeast.

Dentures may also need additional cleaning, as brushing is not enough to remove all bacteria and prevent them from smelling. If you have recently gotten dentures in Spruce Grove and are looking for ways to prevent a bad smell, we recommend the following:

Soak The Dentures Overnight

Create the habit of removing your dentures and soaking them in a special solution overnight. Your dentist may suggest a specialized denture soaking solution, or you can create your own by diluting vinegar in water. Keeping the denture in the solution overnight will ensure any leftover bacteria buildup from the day is removed, helping prevent any bad smells.

There are other added benefits to removing your dentures to sleep. Removing your dentures overnight will reduce the rate of any jawbone loss. Regularly leaving dentures in your mouth may affect your bone density, and you may need more denture adjustments and fittings as a result.

Remove The Regularly

Not removing your dentures regularly and keeping them in your mouth for prolonged periods can cause a bad smell. In your mouth, dentures are constantly moist, creating the ideal environment for bacteria. Our dentists in Spruce Grove recommend removing dentures after eating and quickly rinsing them before putting them back into your mouth. If possible, brushing them gently after each meal would be ideal for keeping them clean. Cleaning the dentures a few times during the day and soaking them overnight is enough to prevent bacteria buildup.

Use The Right Cleaning Tools

Using the correct cleaning tools and products is necessary to keep your dentures in good shape. When brushing your dentures, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to ensure they are not damaged. Brush the dentures with a special cleaning paste designed for them, and avoid using strong cleansers that may change their appearance and weaken them. In addition, only soak the dentures in the special solution recommended by your dentist.

When some patients notice their dentures are becoming discoloured, they may think using a whitening toothpaste or strong cleaning products is the best option. This, however, can further damage the dentures. The material used for dentures will not react to certain products the same way natural teeth would. Instead of being beneficial, these products may be damaging. After getting dentures, ensure you discuss which products you should avoid and which they recommend for cleaning with your dentist.

Schedule Regular Visits to Your Dentist

Visiting a dentist near you at least twice a year is essential to promote good oral health. Patients who still have remaining natural teeth should visit the dentist to ensure they have no decay or infections damaging their smile. Their dentist will also professionally clean and check their teeth. With dentures, patients should still regularly care for their oral health, which can involve visiting both a denturist as well as a dentist depending on their individual case. A denturist will clean your dentures professionally and ensure they continue to fit properly during a visit. They may also suggest better ways to care for the denture on your own if they notice better care is necessary.

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